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Join in – do it yourself

In more than one hundred historic buildings visitors to Ballenberg can look around as the fancy takes them, and get an idea of what life was like in years gone by. Discover now our versatile activities to join in.

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Ein Mädchen am Ziehbock in der Holzwerkstatt in Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg.

Come in, have a go, touch and enjoy!

What is strictly forbidden in other museums is allowed at Ballenberg. In the house from Oberentfelden (221) which has been furnished with specially chosen historical items, everything can be touched and tried. There is plenty to do both inside the house and outside whatever the season. Our guests are warmly invited to join in, ask questions, watch – the choice is yours. The "hands-on-house" can be enjoyed daily from 10.15 am till 16.30 pm.

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Auf dem Ballenberg im Haus zum Berühren können Kinder viel anfassen und ausprobieren.

Churn butter and bake "Bretzeli" biscuits

The kitchens at Ballenberg are busy hubs, full of people baking and crafting delicious treats. Here, guests can experiment with all kinds of techniques and try things out for themselves under the watchful guidance of experienced staff. Enjoy your very own bread and butter or learn how to bake wafer-thin "Bretzeli" biscuits.

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Im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg können Kinder selber Butter machen.

Planing and woodwork

The hobby workshop in the Dwelling from Matten, Berne (1021) invites you to do-it-yourself. The hand plane is used to work on wooden surfaces, joints and edges. You can try this tool at the workbench  and take your piece of wood with you. On the second table there are materials that have been found, are off-cuts or collected for recycling which are ready to be used for handicrafts. Find ideas on site in the sketch book. You can also record your project in the book for other visitors.

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Hobeln und Werken, eine Mitmachaktivität im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg

Fun and games as in the good old days!

What was it like in the past? What games did children play? What toys were available? All these questions can be answered in the granary from Wellhausen (622). Here, our youngest guests have the chance to get to know the games their ancestors played. They can walk on stilts, ride a hobbyhorse or skilfully twirl the hula-hoop. These and many more activities can be enjoyed and sometimes even our adult visitors participate in games which bring back childhood memories. Come along with your family and have a go – every day from 10 am till 5 pm. Let the past come to life in an amusing and entertaining way.

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Im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg können Kinderspiele ausprobiert werden.

Discovering textile crafts

Sewing using a machine but zero electricity – is that possible? Come and try it out for yourself in the vintner’s house from Richterswil, Zurich (611). Cottage industries were a vital source of additional income for large sections of the rural population. Individual family members and sometimes entire families would work as spinners, weavers, embroiderers and seamstresses at home and later in factories. They worked for an employer who delivered the materials and later collected the finished products. Aprons and shirts are examples of goods that were sewn. Experience this process up close and have a go yourself in the vintner’s house from Richterswil.

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Nähen auf einer historischen Nähmaschine: Dieses und viele weitere Handwerke sehen Sie im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg.

Covering a tiled roof

Do you know how a tiled roof is covered and renewed? Since two years now, young and old visitors of the Open-Air Museum Ballenberg have been fabricating plain tiles. The finished tiles can be installed by you at the Péry tilery BE (141) to form a finished roof. Stop by and help us cover the roof!

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Im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg gibt es Stationen zum Mitmachen und Ausprobieren. So auch hier: Versuchen Sie sich beim Ziegeldachdecken.

Enchanted Forest

An elf and his helpers meet at the edge of the woods. They are the principle figures in the exhibition "Enchanted Forest" and lead the children from one theme to another. The exhibition offers children numerous interactive elements where they can experience and explore the enchanted forest with all their senses.

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Kinder entdecken den Zauberwald im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg.

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