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"My Forest" at the Forestry Museum

Check out the updated permanent exhibition in the dwelling from Sachseln OW, "My Forest". Take a tour of the forest with the former occupants of Ballenberg’s Obwalden building, Ignatia and Joseph von Moos. Past, present or future: Throughout the ages, people have pursued various interests in the forest and there have been a number of conflicts, some of which still exist today. Who does the forest actually belong to?

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Gespräche am Küchentisch: Besucherinnen und Besucher verfolgen am Küchentisch die Gespräche von Ignatia von Moos mit.

Welcome to the Forestry Museum

Welcome to the Obwalden Forest – to your forest and our forest. But whose forest is it really? No one can claim the forest for themselves, neither a single group nor a particular generation. The exhibition begins in the past, back when people’s livelihoods were directly dependent on the forest. On the second floor we enter into a dialogue with the present, and in the attic we take a look at the future. Throughout the ages, people have pursued various interests in the forest and there have been a number of conflicts, some of which still exist today. Society must always make an effort to seek out viable solutions by engaging in an exchange of views. This has been true of the forest of the past and present and is certainly the case for the forest of the future.

Wald im Fokus: Was braucht es alles, damit wir den Wald geniessen können?
  • Entspannung, Ruhe, Glück: Wie wichtig ist der Wald heute für uns? Und wem gehört der Wald eigentlich?
  • In der neuen Dauerausstellung «Mein Wald» steht der Obwaldner Wald im Zentrum.
  • Blick über den Tellerrand: Von Obwalden in die ganze Welt – Waldbewirtschaftung international.
  • Hören, sehen, fühlen: Im Forstmuseum werden alle Sinne angeregt.
  • Die Dauerausstellung «Mein Wald» thematisiert Waldarbeit früher und heute.
  • Waldarbeit früher und heute: Werkzeuge in der Dauerausstellung im Wohnhaus aus Sachseln.
  • Im obersten Stock der Ausstellung «Mein Wald» wird nach der Zukunft des Waldes gefragt.
  • Im ersten Stock des Hauses aus Sachseln wird die Geschichte der ehemaligen Bewohnenden, der Familie von Moos, erzählt.

Family history from the dwelling from Sachseln OW

Ignatia and Joseph von Moos lived in the house from Sachseln long before it became part of the museum. The married couple take us on a journey into the past when many aspects of life in Sachseln were closely linked to the forest. Whereas Ignatia was from the well-to-do Anderhalten family, Joseph’s parents were poor farmers. Ignatia and Joseph married in 1824. Together they had twelve children, only eight of whom would survive past adolescence. Joseph was a respected politician at the local and cantonal levels. He received a great number of people in his parlour. Visitors to the Forestry Museum become part of the von Moos family’s social life.

More information on the dwelling from Sachseln OW
Das Wohnhaus aus Sachseln OW im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg.

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